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Excellence Auto Carriers has no industry peer when it comes to Trailer Design and functionality. Our trailers are a new generation of thinking that can load and scale more than any trailer currently available. We designed them ourselves and commissioned Trailer Tech One of Plymouth, MI to construct the units. We took heed of the failed designs of the past created by office staff; staff that are detached from the day to day loading of vehicles. We not only listened to our drivers, we solicited their opinions. Our trailers are designed by car haulers, for car haulers.

Our new build trailers feature full floor to ceiling screw technology supplied to Trailer Tech One by Cottrell as pre-engineered units. The trailers have incorporated hydraulic sliders as well on all applicable stations in the trailer so we can shift a vehicle for and aft with the touch of a button. Gone are the cumbersome ratchet strap tie downs, replaced by integrated roller bars in the platforms. Our lift gates are wider and lighter than any in the industry. We removed a source of continuous electrical problems be relocating our brake and tail lights into our chain doors as opposed to the platform of the lift gate for ease of access. We used aluminum to save weight where possible without compromising structure. We have more LED interior lights in one trailer then some companies have in ten. We have hydraulic winches with wireless remote controls utilizing Kevlar winch line. We have numerous doors in the trailer structure to aid in driver ingress and egress. These are just some of the highlights.

Our trailers give us a competitive advantage, and thanks to our team here at Excellence Auto Carriers, and the team at Trailer Tech One, we have the best trailers there is to offer.

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